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Rollei 35,1308 Photo F.W. Stutterheim
Photograph of Ferdi‘s black Rollei 35 camera. ‘Made in Germany by Rollei’ with Carl Zeiss Tessar 1:3,5 f=40mm. Note the slot driven screw typical for hand driven screws. Rollei Singapore used power driven Phillips screws. Left of the camera name the eye of the Cadmium Sulphide (CdS) exposure meter. The right hand dial indicating the film type is only a reminder. The left hand dial actually sets the ISO. The setting is 21° DIN. The scales are in DIN and ASA (now ISO). When ASA doubles, DIN adds 3°. Elderly photographers know 18° DIN = ASA 50, 21° DIN = ASA 100, etc. ASA 100 was standard film speed in 1966.
Photo © 2020  F.W. Stutterheim

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Welcome to the Rollei 35 site at It is a private site about the Rollei 35 cameras. The site is the Rollei 35 part of Rolleigraphy: Photography with a Rollei.

In 1966 a very small mechanical 35 mm cameras called Rollei 35 was launched. At the time it was the smallest ‘full frame’ 35 mm camera in the world. The camera was designed by Heinz Waaske. Mr. Waaske invented this small camera while working at Leitz Wezlar. The Leitz company was not interested; Rollei was.